CA PPM: Time Slicing Job causes issues with Audit Trail

Document ID : KB000097766
Last Modified Date : 18/07/2018
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After upgrade to 15.3 ,there are inconsistencies on the investment team. The last_updated_date is changed to the last time the Time Slicing job processes the record.

After running time slicing job, the PRTEAM record looks like it was last updated by an inactive user in the Audit Trail

Steps to Reproduce (STR)
1. Log in as an active userA
2. Make a change to a team member userB allocation
3. Inactivate userB
4. Log in as another active user and run the Time Slicing job.

Actual Results:
userB record on PRTEAM.last_updated_date shows date of latest time the Time Slicing job last processed the record.
This causes the user to think that an inactive user had access to change the record.

Expected Results:
userB record on PRTEAM.last_updated_date should not reflect date of latest time the Time Slicing job last processed the record, but rather when the actual userA updated the allocation.

The PRTEAM.last_update_date and CMN_AUDIT trail shows confusing timestamp information.


The change was made in 15.3 for defect DE32956.

It is specifically related to the Time Slicing job updating the PRTEAM.prallocsum field while it was being audited by the customer.


This is the only column for which the fix will update the PRTEAM.last_updated_date.

Any team record changes, including allocations, are always made by the last_updated_by user and as such would be accurate.
PRTEAM.prallocsum is the scalar total value for allocation and while there may be a minor mismatch on the timestamp, the fact remains that the PRTEAM.last_updated_by user is the one responsible for the last user change to the team record.