TIM UI not loading correctly even though authenticated successfully.

Document ID : KB000030045
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After a TIM installation, a login to the UI at http://<TIM_IP>/cgi-bin/ca/apm/tim/index is successfully authenticated. However, the page does not load completely. A Status:200 in the web page and blue banner is seen only.


The customer site experiencing this intended to install the TIM on a separate file system.

However, wanting to use the web server bundled with the Linux operating system resulted in a successful installation on the same file system as the operating system.


If checking the Apache error log error_log in /var/log/httpd, when accessing the TIM URL in a browser, the following error is expected:


TsSysCfg: cannot open configuration database "/opt/tim/CA/APM/tim/system/config/webrequestdata.db": Permission denied



In this case, the separate file system was mounted with nosuid option. This means it is not possible for the Apache processes, running under the apache account, to access data on this other filesystem.


The solution is to stop all processes running on the separate file system, unmount the extra filesystem to remove the nosuid option from fstab, remount the file system, and restart the TIM.


After doing this, the UI is available as normal.


If the file system was created without the nosuid option, everything would work as expected.