Tiered Menus in CA TPX - Should active sessions be visible on all menus?

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Last Modified Date : 15/03/2018
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Currently testing the Tiered Menus Feature in TPX. First, I've defined two TPXTIER0 entries, also the TPXTIERX entry for RETURN to upper menu. The applications are defined as described in the guideline with the membership to the related TPXTIER0 entry and invisible=Y.
The tiered menu is ok. I can step into the submenu and get my defined applicationss visible. So far so good...
From the point I start a session to one of the defined sessions within the submenu I can see that session everywhere: on the main menu but also in all other defined submenus.
Is this right? What's the advantage of having submenus when I see all active sessions in every submenu? If I have maybe 8 or 10 sessions to several sessions active, I get a big crowd in every submenu.
Is this the "works as designed" or is something wrong with my definitions?
Should active sessions be visible on all menus and submenus when using TPX Tiered Menus?
CA TPX for z/OS
This is working as designed so that all active sessions are visible on your menu and not potentially buried across multiple submenus.
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CA TPX 5.4 - Implement Tiered Menus