This package has consistency check enabled and has been tampered with at the server. [SDM228429]

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2019
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When sending a SD Package to some machines, jobs are in error with message :

"This package has consistency check enabled and has been tampered with at the server. [SDM228429]"






The cause of this problem could be caused by a corrupted or wrong version of package stored on the Scalability Server under <DSM PATH>\SD\ASM\LIBRARY\ACTIVATE

On the Scalability Server in directory ACTIVATE there is a copy of the SD package in directory <package uuid>.itm and a compressed file (<procedure uuid>.zip) of this directory.

The solution is to delete the .zip file and .itm directory.


With command dmzip -l <procedure uuid>.zip it is possible to see the contents of the zip file.

Example :



With this command it is possible to check which zip file contains the package in error and delete this file. 

It is easier to delete the associated directory .itm by checking its content and delete it.




Another method to find out the uuid of package and procedure is to execute a SQL Query :


SELECT convert(uniqueidentifier, r.objectid) 'uuid of package (directory .itm)',
convert(uniqueidentifier, p.objectid) 'uuid of procedure (file .zip)',r.itemname, r.itemversion, p.itemname, p.itemversion
FROM usd_actproc p, usd_rsw r
WHERE r.itemname='PACKAGE_TEST' and r.itemversion='1.0' and p.itemname='test' AND p.rsw=r.objectid 




With the package name, version and procedure name it is possible to find the package and procedure uuid and delete the elements in directory ACTIVATE of SS.



Another causes of error SDM228429 are described in these others knowledge documents :



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