This document outlines how to troubleshoot Email notification problems in CA Service Desk

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Last Modified Date : 20/04/2018
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This document provides an overview of possible causes for email notification issues in CA Service Desk Manager. This can be used as a self help tool to troubleshoot email notification issues.

CA Service Desk Manager r12.9, 14.1, r17

The issues with notifications are usually caused for the following reasons.

  1. Incorrect notification setup.
  2. Incorrect options in Options Manager.
  3. Incorrect work shifts.
  4. Problems with mail server and network connectivity.
  5. Customization

Incorrect notification setup:

  1. Identify the notification type that is having a problem. Ex: Activity Notification like Initial etc or Multiple Notification Macro
  2. For Activity Notifications, verify that the Auto Notification option is checked and the required object contacts are updated (see Figure 1)

Figure 1:

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3. For multiple notification macros, verify the Object Contacts.

Incorrect options in Options Manager.

The following options need to be installed for email notifications to work (see Figure 2):

  • mail_from_address
  • mail_login_userid
  • mail_login_password
  • mail_reply_to_address

Note: It is always a best practice to have a reply address set different from the from address as end user replying back to the email expects service desk to be updated with

  • mail_smtp_domain_name
  • mail_smtp_hosts
  • mail_smtp_host_port (default 25)

Figure 2:

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Incorrect work shifts
The work shifts on the contact and also on the event need to be checked if the emails are not being sent at the expected time.

Problems with mail server and network connectivity

  • Check for authentication requirements, Most mail servers do not require authentication. If authentication is required, make sure the appropriate username and password are set in the options manager. If authentication is being used for the mail server, check that the mail_login_user and mail_login_password values can used to login to the mail server using an email client.
  • Check you can telnet to the mail server from the Service Desk server on the SMTP port (default 25) successfully (e.g. telnet mailhost 25). If you can not, check that the required ports are open between the CA Service Desk server and the mail server. 
  • Check the stdlog for entries like SMTP connection failed, mail recipient not accepted etc.
    03/11 09:16:22.72 ServiceDesk pdm_mail_nxd 6496 ERROR hunny_mail_intf 1539 ThrdLogger Sess:4:0:0 Unable to connect to mail servers(TEST).Last message: Can't connect to server at localhost Error (6) Connection refused


The default notification method for EMAIL in ServiceDesk is pdm_mail.
To verify, go to Administration->Notifications->Notification Methods (see Figure 3):

Figure 3:

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If there is a third party notification method specified, please contact the appropriate vendor for support.

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