This document explains how to use Google Chrome as a way to simulate testing CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) mobile enabler functionality using a mobile device

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Google Chrome is an easy and convenient way to let the CA SDM administrators examine how the SDM mobile application will look like. This is especially true if an environment is not ready to for end users to connect their mobile devices yet, but a demo is required.

Early versions of Chrome allowed users to use CA SDM mobile application directly, but newer versions (starting with version 43) the application displays with blank screens. This document provides with an approach on how you can use Chrome as a way to simulate the functionality of the CA SDM Mobile application.

Please be sure to review the IMPORTANT NOTES section at the bottom of this page.



Please follow these steps:

1. Start Chrome and enter the CA SDM mobile enabler url  (http://hostname:restPort/casdm)

2. Login into Analyst Queue

3. Open Developer tools(hit F12 or go dopdown menu->more tools->Developer tools

4. Click on device icon/toggle device mode


5. Click on emulation tab


6. Select a device(for example, Samsung Galaxy SIII) and then click on Chrome reload button.

Now you are ready to see the mobile application in action.


1. Not all functionality available in the real mobile app (CA Service Management app) is available in Chrome based access (ex: Location specific items / Attaching a photo/file etc., are not available).

2.  Although "http://servername:8050/casdm" may work, more or less, depending on the particular web browser type and version and patch level, and depending on the CA Service Desk Manager version and patch level, the web browser mobile interface is not a supported component. Thus, the Supportability Matrix does NOT include any web browsers as supported 3rd party components for any and all versions of the CA Service Management mobile app. 

3. The web browser mobile interface is not maintained and any updates to the mobile phone app may not be reflected in the web browser.