The Statistics Poller is over-running the poll cycle

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Statistics Poller is over-running the poll cycle

Error:  "Pgm nhiPoller[Net]: A scheduled poll was missed, the next poll will occur now  (Statistics Poller)"

Error: "a scheduled poll was missed, next poll will occur now"

Data in report charts are showing Intermittent breaks in data


eHealth 6.2, 6.3 on Windows, Solaris and Linux; all versions



This error message occurs when the eHealth poller does not complete it's polling cycle ( SNMP requests and responses ) during the particular polling interval. Missing some poll cycles explains the consistent breaks in the pdf charts.

This is due to the amount of elements being polled, their poll rate and the value of NH_SNMP_TIMEOUT variable not being sufficient to allow complete successful polls of every element in the poller configuration.



1. Increase the poll rate. For example: if it is at 5 minutes increase it to 10 minutes.

2. Reduce the number of bad polls.

3. Modify the poller environment variables to adjust for device/network latency that may exist. A possible cause for the poller overrunning the poll cycle is that the poll times are taking too long to complete. One of the variables that can be helpful in tuning the poller is NH_STAT_POLLS_PER_SECOND.
This variable sets the maximum number of SNMP requests that are sent out per second by the poller. The default value for this variable is 100.  Please note that this variable can be helpful only if the devices being polled can handle the extra load that will be sent out.