The SS hangs, consumes memory, and stops processing SNMP.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After upgrading to Spectrum 10.2 we noticed the SpectroSERVER is consuming more memory, and becomes non-responsive and hangs during shutdown.

Other Symptoms include:

  • SNMP requests are ignored 
  • Updated SNMP communications are missed
  • False Management Agent Lost alarms are generated
  • Online Backups failure, or database synchronization failures
  • SpectroSERVER hangs during shutdown
  • Unexpected memory growth for the SpectroSERVER

This was due to code issues in the SpectroSERVERs SNMP layer, and memory leaks found in with VPN and VLAN discoveries.


This issue is resolved in Spectrum 10.2.1, and is addressed with Spectrum_10.02.00.PTF_10.2.029*

* This patch is Spectrum_10.02.00.PTF_10.2.020, with the addition of the fixes for the memory leaks found in the VPN and VLAN codes. See TEC1779157 for more information regarding Spectrum_10.02.00.PTF_10.2.020 (


The Release Notes for this patch are as follows:

This is a Program Temporary Fix (PTF) patch for the following issue:


Symptom: Unknown SpectroSERVER memory growth over time.

Resolution: Included all known memory leak fixes included in 10.2.1.

(DE274474, 00650306)


Symptom: Rare but consistent SpectroSERVER hangs due to multiple problems with the SNMP subsystem. Symptoms can include failed online backups, failed shutdowns and invalid management agent lost alarms.

Resolution: Major overhaul of SNMP subsystem, designed to improve efficiency and stability. 

(DE198464, 00502985)


Symptom: Secure Domain Connector( SDC ) always listens for SNMP traps and SDM connections on all interfaces.

Resolution: Extended Secure Domain Connector( SDC ) functionality to allow IP-specific binding for SNMP traps and SDM connections.

(DE263283, 00627431)


Symptom: SpectroSERVER not establishing connection to Secure Domain Connector.

Resolution: Resolved deadlock preventing SDC connections from being established.

(DE277727, 00679511)


Symptom: Unknown log-entries in Spectrum Control Panel(VNM.OUT).

Resolution:  Unknown log-entries  are not seen in SCP/VNM.OUT, after the fix.

(DE266961, 00640407)

Additional Information:

Other patches related to the SNMP subsystem overhaul, but do not include the memory leak fixes:

  • Spectrum 10.1.1: Spectrum_10.01.01.PTF_10.1.164 (Defects DE160674, DE19846, DE242230, and DE263054)
  • Spectrum 10.1.2: Spectrum_10.01.02.D101h (Defects DE198464, and DE243874)
  • Spectrum 10.2:    Spectrum_10.02.00.PTF_10.2.020 (Defects DE198464, DE263283, DE277727, and DE266961)