The spool output of a job on CA Workload Automation System Agent is truncated after <n> characters.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When a user executed a command or script by logging directly into the server the output was not truncated; however, if the same command or script was executed by CA Workload Automation System Agent, the output was cut off after certain number of characters, e.g. 80.


The COLUMNS environment variable was sent with the job or was activated in the system's profile.

Get all the variables - turn the joblog for each job at the agent on by setting following parameter in the agentparm.txt file:


Run the command or script that has the output issue again via the agent. In the agent spool directory, navigate to the job directory and open the associated joblog file; look for a similar entry:

CAWA_I_20007 Environment variable: COLUMNS=80

If the COLUMNS variable is shown, then some profile (unless a job's definition) was exporting it which resulted in a truncated output (e.g., on the 80th character).

Unset this variable or, if it is not possible, export it with a higher value in the job or in a script.