The Software Content Download Job is Failing With: ERROR [] - 'applications' must have at least one application node

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The CA Client Automation default Content Download job is failing with Error in the \CA\SC\CIC\logs\cic.log file

       ERROR [] - 'applications' must have at least one application node.  

This document will detail steps to resolve the error in the CIC.log file " ERROR [] - 'applications' must have at least one application node".



1.   Content Download job shows it is in an ERROR status in the DSM Explorer

When looking at the cic.log in the  CA\SC\CIC\Logs\folder you see the following error: 

2015-02-09 17:46:29,857 [CCMain] ERROR [] - 'applications' must have at least one application node 2015-02-09
17:46:29,857 [CCMain] ERROR [] - Failed to complete content server applications configuration
2015-02-09 17:46:29,857 [CCMain] FATAL [] - Failed to configure CIC, aborting 


2.  Running the  util -c commands Fails

When you try to connect to the Content Update website via util- c command you will get an error 8 on the command line and in the util.log file.

2015-02-10 11:22:24,681 [main] ERROR [] - 'applications' must have at least one application node 2015-02-10
11:22:24,681 [main] ERROR [] - Failed to get applications configuration
2015-02-10 11:22:24,682 [main] ERROR [] - Execution terminated due to an error
2015-02-10 11:22:24,682 [main] INFO [] - Execution return code: 8 



The error is caused by the missing Application line for DSM in the config.xml file which is located in the CA\SC\CIC\Conf directory.




To correct the error, go to a command prompt and change directory to \CA\SC\CIC\bin and run the relevant command for the application you are using:


UPM -     Util.bat -R UPM 682DCD15-5C94-4321-842D-E3944D3CA000 PMUPM-00000-00000-00001 upmuser_group  sa  <sa password>

SWCM - Util.bat -R SWCM 6EF2944D-DD53-468E-8FAF-98C19D88C2BF SWCM-00000-00000-00001 swcmadmin  sa  <sa password>

DSM -     Util.bat -R DSM B1B13849-08D1-4DA6-91EA-2D278E5F00CC PMDSM-00000-00000-00001 ca_itrm_group  sa  <sa password>