The simulator.log shows an error message related to ANDROID_HOME or VBoxManage. Does it cause a problem?

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Last Modified Date : 20/02/2018
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In the simulator.log (the Simulator is installed on a Linux machine), I found an error message like:

   2016-02-19 05:32:10,518Z (14:32) [Thread-185] ERROR AndroidAvdHelper               - which: no VBoxManage in (...)

The message occurs when accessing the DevTest console despite that the Mobile testing is not configured for the Simulator. Is there a problem in the Simulator?


Generally the error message can be ignored. However, please check the processes on your Linux machine where the Simulator is running on by executing the following commands.

   % ps -edalf | grep bash

If you see either the following process, you need to apply a patch for DevTest 9.0 and 9.1. In this case, please contact CA support and request the patch for this problem. If you do not see either one of them, the error messages can be ignored.

   /bin/bash -i -c echo $ANDROID_HOME
   /bin/bash -i -c which VBoxManage

Even after you apply the patch, the error messages would appear in the simulator.log. Just in case, please check the processes again by the command "% ps -edalf | grep bash". If you do not see them, the patch works fine, and you can ignore the error messages in the simulator.log. However, if you still see either one of them, there is a problem in the Simulator, in this case, please contact CA support.

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