The Session recording and the multi site feature

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Last Modified Date : 14/11/2018
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When the primary site is down, is it possible to continue to use the PAM by just changing to access the secondary site? The customer considers about 1 secondary site only. He thinks it is unnecessary to promote the secondary site to the primary. 

Is it possible to playback the session recording that is taken at secondary site by the user who login to PAM at the primary site? 

Is it possible to use the same place as the external storage of the session recording? Also, if the primary site and the secondary site have each external storage, is it possible to integrate during them? 

Let me know the steps to recovery when the disaster occurs. 

Let me know how long will it take a time for the recovery. 

Let me know the communication between the primary site and secondary site when the recovery performs like the band width and throughput. 

Is it ok to build the secondary site by only 1 PAM server?
1-1. possible 

2-1 & 2-2. 
It is possible to use the same shared folder as the external storage for the session recording between the primary site and the secondary. 
When the customer set different external storage place during the sites, PAM does not have the feature to merge the session recording physical files during the external storages. On my quick check, when I manually copied the physical files from the one side to the other side, I could playback it. But officially, we don't recommend it and not supported method. If the customer uses the usage, it must be with own risk. 
Also, the session recording can be done playback by the same site. For example, if you want to playback the session recording that is taken at secondary site, although the session recording will be listed at the Sessions >> Session Recording, it is not possible to playback it from the primary site. The playback can be performed at the same site. 

3-1 DocOps explains about that. 

3-2 & 4. It is hard for us Support to mention about the performance like them. 

5. Possible.