The server will stop when nnn active generations exist.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Scheduler has stopped and will not start with a warm start. The tracelog.txt file shows a message like this one:

20080207 14:05:48.401 YID: 0? main: The server will stop when nnn active
generations exist.
20080207 14:05:48.416 YID: 0? main: The number of active application
generations (nnn) is equal or bigger than the evaluated limit (nnn).
The server is stopping.

A common reason for this to happen is when some agents have been unavailable for a while and the server's messages have been accumulating in the server queue until the maximum number has been reached. It is important to verify that the agents are online before applying the solution.


To avoid performing a cold start and losing generation history go to the "C:\Cybermation\ESPdSeries\" file and add the following parameter:


The value of 150 is a percentage in relation to the current set maximum number of generations. With this increase, the server will perform a warm start and continue scheduling until the number of active applications normalizes.

Once scheduling has caught up and is back to normal, it is recommended to stop the server and remove the entry from the file to revert to the default setting.