The Script Function SYS_SNMP_ACTIVE returns 'Y' although no connection is available to the SNMP-Agent

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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In a script, the script function "SYS_SNMP_ACTIVE" returns a "Y" although the SNMP Agent is not running.

This behavior is as designed since the script element is not checking for an active SNMP connection, instead it is checking the SNMP connection to AE using the parameter that is defined in the UCSRV.INI file.

According to our documentation:

SYS_SNMP_ACTIVE Return codes 
"Y" - The SNMP connection of AE is active 
"N" - The SNMP connection of AE is inactive 

And the snmp parameter can be set in the UCSRV.INI file with the following values:

"0" = No SNMP connection. 
"1" = SNMP connection is active. 
"2" = SNMP connection is active. SNMP Traps are additionally logged in the Windows Event Viewer 

If the parameter snmp=0 is set in the UCSRV.INI file, the script element will return SYS_SNMP_ACTIVE='N'.


Automation Engine Script Guide > Ordered by Function> System Conditions and Settings > SYS_SNMP_ACTIVE

Administration Guide > Configuration > Structure of the Configuration Files > Structure of the INI file

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