The restart of Infoview fails with 'SRM has not finished starting' after H03 has been applied and the required spectrum-wkp-update.bat has been executed.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The restart of Infoview for Spectrum Report Manager can fail with the error message 'SRM has not finished starting' after hotfix H03 has been applied and the required spectrum-wkp-update.bat script has been executed.

The problem is based on the following errors found on the tomcat log file (stdout.log or catalina.out):

May 13, 2011 11:00:22 AM (SRM/Startup/Container)   
( -   
(ERROR) - Error occurred while initializing SRM components Error occurred   
while applying schema changes to reporting database         
Caused by:   
Error occurred while running schema change script.   

These errors occurred because the view create_v_dim_alarm_condition exists as a physical table while you run the spectrum-wkp-update.bat script.


Move to the affected view and check the description of the view using these mysql commands. If you are not familiar with executing mysql commands consult the Spectrum Database Management guide:

   mysql> show databases;   
   mysql> use srmdbapi   
   mysql> show tables;   
   mysql> show table status like 'v_dim_alarm_condition'\G  

The Comment column should display:
Comment: VIEW

In the case it returns for example:
Comment: Incorrect information in file: '.\srmdbapi\v_dim_alarm_condition.frm'

Drop the table create_v_dim_alarm_condition and rerun spectrum-wkp-update.bat script.

As soon as Infoview is started all views will be built from scratch.

It may be possible that this step has to run for all other views.