The "psjoa.jar" file cannot be loaded (console output)

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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The "psjoa.jar" file cannot be loaded (console output)
Detailed Description and Symptoms

The "psjoa.jar" file cannot be loaded.... a likely cause is that the "psjoa.jar" file is corrupt.?


1) You can check the file nwith the 'jarsigner' command line tool from the JDK:

C:\temp>jarsigner -verify ucdj.jar
jar is unsigned. (signatures missing or not parsable)

If the psjoa.jar the output is:
C:\temp>jarsigner -verify psjoa.jar
jarsigner: error in opening zip file

The file is corrupt.


2) Another way to check the jar file is to use the java command:

C:\temp>java -jar uc4.jar
Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from

The expected output for psjoa.jar should be the same, but if the output is:
C:\temp>java -jar psjoa.jar
Invalid or corrupt jarfile psjoa.jar

The file is corrupt.


Solution: Copy the psjoa.jar again from the PeopleSoft Application Server. If the file is transered using FTP make sure that the transfer mode is binary (not ASCII)
This should solve the problem.