The Program Gantt inherit the overall ETC,Actuals from the next project.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If The last phase in each project of the program is having expenses, and there is no labor ETC in any of the expense tasks that are in the project phase,for some reason the Project phase seems to inherit the overall ETC from the next project below. 
Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Go to Home, Projects, Create a New Project 'A'
  2. In Project Team Tab add an expense Resource (That is Choose Resource Type as 'expense')
  3. Create a Task and assign the Expense Resource to the Task where ETC = 0.
  4. Create another Project 'B'
  5. Add a labor resource to the 'Team' tab
  6. Create a task on the task tab and assign the labour resource to the task with some ETC (say 20)
  7. Now Go to Home, Programs  
  8. Create a Program 'P'  
  9. Go to Hierarchy tab, Effort Roll up view 
  10. Now add the Child Projects which were created above. (Project 'A' and then add Project 'B')
  11. Now go to Tasks tab of that Program 'P'
  12. Click on Gantt in the Task drop-down 
Expected Result: The Project 'A' in Gantt should show ETC 0 and Project 'B' in Gantt should show ETC 20
Actual Result: The Project 'A' and Project 'B' shows ETC 20 (By Default it is picking up the next Project's ETC Values).  
If the order of the projects is changed, for example move the first project to be the second, the problem disappears and Gantt is showing the correct numbers for each project.
CLRT-76779: Tested, verified and closed as 'cannot reproduce' in the next release (DNB2)