The Personalization of CA SYSVIEW

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In CA SYSVIEW you can alter each command display to obtain a personalized viewing experience.


The first time a new user makes any change to a display, such as changing the scroll value from PAGE to CSR, CA SYSVIEW will create an entry in the profile data set for that specific userid. You can also use the PROFILE command to create or alter your own profile, or to use the profile of another user. The PROFILE command lets you define synonyms or aliases for commands, values for PF keys, or formats for displays.

If you omit the parameters on the PROFILE command the profile section for the active command is displayed, except when you are in a menu. The Profile Selection list is displayed when you enter the PROFILE command from any menu.


Profile General Information:

From any display entering the command PROFILE GENERAL will bring up an edit session of the Users General Profile. Here you can make alterations by selecting the PF Keys section or the Miscellaneous section. By selecting the Miscellaneous section, a user can change the initialization & termination options, the display options, the date & time display options, the display character options, the input character options, the command options, the allocation options, and the print and copy options.

Command profiles:

Command Profiles exist for each CA SYSVIEW command. Either from a valid command or from the Profile Selection list, entering the Command Profile for a specific CA SYSVIEW command will provide you with a plethora of options. The valid sections for Command Profiles are:

Synonyms: Invoking the Synonyms section allows you to define alternate command names for the commands. Synonyms can be no longer than eight characters, and cannot contain blanks. You can define a maximum of 10 synonyms per command. Specify unique synonyms (for example, one command name cannot be defined as a synonym for another command).

PF Keys: Used to change the PF Key assignments, and the number of Message lines showing the PF key settings at the bottom of the display.

Miscellaneous: Used to change such items as initialization options and default parameters.

Formats: The Formats section allows you to change display formats for a command. In other words, you can change the way information is displayed on the screen. For example, you can specify the default format name, Select and Sort parameters, and rearrange or delete fields from the display. You can define display formats for many commands. The first Formats List you access when selecting the Formats section from the Command Profile List shows the current display formats used for the command.

For additional information regarding the PROFILE command enter the command HELP PROFILE.