The output from commands pdm_k_reindex, pdm_kit or pdm_webcache is garbled when the output contains localized characters for Service Desk r12.5 Localized versions.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The output from running commands such as pdm_k_reindex, pdm_kit or pdm_webcache is garbled when run on all Service Desk r12.5 CA SDM localized versions. This design change was introduced in Service Desk 12.1 via a patch and has carried on into r12.5 CA SDM. There is, now, a need to precede the command with pdm_cmd in order for the output to display correctly.


The output without pdm_cmd preceding pdm_webcache is garbled when the output has localized characters. In this example it is Service Desk r12.5 CA SDM Japanese version:

Figure 1

The release notes page 126 explains the use the pdm_cmd command to overcome the display of garbled characters. This is by design.

Command Line Tools Output Strings Incorrectly on Windows
Valid in all localized versions on Windows


Command line utilities display incorrect characters in the output.


Use the pdm_cmd.exe program to run all command line tools. The pdm_cmd utility converts output strings of the command line tool from UTF8 to UNICODE, so it can display the output strings in a foreign language. For example, to display output characters for pdm_webcache correctly, run the following command:

  pdm_cmd pdm_webcache

If the command line file name does not end with .exe, use the full file name on the command line. For example, use the following command to publish Web Screen Painter schema changes:

  pdm_cmd pdm_publish.cmd

Use the following command to start the ODBC driver:

  pdm_cmd pdm_odbc_start.bat

Note: Any command line tool that displays incorrect characters must be preceded by pdm_cmd.

Figure 2