The meaning of the column of the 'View Tim Status' and 'View Tim Packet Statistics (5 Minutes / 5 Seconds)' page of "TIM Setup".

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there the document which explained the meaning of the column of the 'View Tim Status', 'View Tim Packet Statistics (5 Seconds)' and 'View Tim Packet Statistics (5 Minutes)' page of "TIM Setup(http://<Host_Name>/cgi-bin/ca/apm/tim/index)"?


View Tim Status:Hub, Worker 

View Tim Packet Statistics (5 Minutes). or View Tim Packet Statistics (5 Seconds). : Captured, Dropped, Forwarded, No Space, Too Short, Too Old, Analyzed.



APM does not have the document which explained the page.

Please refer to the following explanation.

View Tim Status :
TIM will be split into a “hub” process and several “worker” processes.
Client IP address space will be partitioned, with each worker process will handling one subset. 

View Tim Packet Statistics:
   number of packets received on that logical port.

   number of packets dropped.

   number of packets forwarded to TIM.

No Space:
   indicates packets dropped because nqcapd could not write them out to the /nqtmp/tim folder because this folder was full. 

Too Short:
   means packet could not be analyzed because it was truncated. 

Too Old:
   means that the TIM engine would not process the packet because its timestamp is too old.

   number of packets analyzed.

Bytes Analyzed:
   number of packets bytes analyzed.