JOBS delete confirmation different in AWI than in Java UI

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Last Modified Date : 12/07/2018
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The deletion of JOBS Objects results in different confirmation warnings in the Automic Web Interface (AWI) than exist in the Java User Interface (UI).
When a JOBS is deleted using the Java UI the following two confirmations appear:
  • Do you really want to delete this/these object(s)? / Existing links will also be deleted.
  • U04005928 'JOBS.OBJECT' is used in other objects.  Do you still want to delete?
When a JOBS is deleted using the AWI the following confirmation appears:
  • 'JOBS.OBJECT' is used in other objects.  Do you still want to delete this object?
When a JOBS, without any references in a Workflow, is deleted in the AWI no confirmation question appears. The Object is moved to the Recycle Bin instantly.


A lots of features has been brought to the AWI 12.1.1 HF3:

The Automic Web Interface has been enhanced to display dialogs prompting users to confirm the following actions: * Execute/Run tasks * Delete objects * Unblock a task within a Workflow

The AWI notifies the users, by design, differently than it does in the Java UI.

Before the AWI version 12.1.1 HF3:
There are several examples for the difference in notifications, one of them is the callback confirmation. 
The Callback Dialog only appears if an object is used in other Workflows.
Callbacks are not configurable in the AWI.

Status of the different callback notifications:

0EMb0000001Qrid.png- not implemented  0EMb0000001Qrie.png- partially implemented 0EMb0000001Qrif.png- fully implemented

0EMb0000001Qrig.png Delete Object --> Dialog only appears if object is used in other workflows
0EMb0000001Qrih.png Delete Forecast
0EMb0000001Qrii.png Delete Link
0EMb0000001Qrij.png Execute Object
0EMb0000001Qrik.png Restore Object
0EMb0000001Qril.png Cancel Active Tasks
0EMb0000001Qrim.png Execute Rollback
0EMb0000001Qrin.png Quit Schedule/Event/Cockpit
0EMb0000001Qrio.png Print --> Feature not available in AWI
0EMb0000001Qrip.png Terminate Agent
0EMb0000001Qriq.png Terminate Server
0EMb0000001Qrir.png Shutdown the Automation Engine System
0EMb0000001Qris.png Disconnect Agent
0EMb0000001Qrit.png Disconnect User
0EMb0000001Qriu.png Delete entry for a group
0EMb0000001Qriv.png Inactive workflow tasks
0EMb0000001Qriw.png Deactivate object
0EMb0000001Qrix.png Modify Active Task
0EMb0000001Qriy.png Set active task to Stop
0EMb0000001Qriz.png Set active task to Go
0EMb0000001Qrj0.png Ignore Sync
0EMb0000001Qrj1.png Change Logging
0EMb0000001Qrj2.png ILM Switch-Out
0EMb0000001Qrj3.png ILM Drop
0EMb0000001Qrj4.png Set Queue to Stop
0EMb0000001Qrj5.png Set Queue to Go
0EMb0000001Qrj6.png Show options dialog if an output file > 10 MB is opened
0EMb0000001Qrj7.png Delete resources from Storage Object