The JavaScript operator is not using the timeout configuration set.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Set a timeout exit path in my JavaScript operator and not performing the timeout action in the timeout.  Would like the operator to timeout at the specified time. 


Why is my Javascript operator not timing out within the specified timeout time?

Windows 2012

The Javascript operator uses a 60 second timeout.  This is a Process automation timeout limit.  This keeps Process developers from creating Javascript from running for over a minute.  Process Automation will continue to try to run the Javascript until the 60 second timeout is reached.  Once the timeout is reached the instance will fail with a "threshold limit exceeded: 60s" message.

This Process Automation Javascript timeout setting can not be modified.  If you add an exit port to your Javascript and your Javascript goes over the 60 second limit it will take the timeout path after the 60 seconds.

Additional Information:

Database query operators will use the timeout limit you specify and the timeout exit port.

You can not set an exit port in a delay operator.