The Enterprise Dashboard Server at 'http://${installer:enterpriseDashboardHost}:1506' could not be contacted

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Last Modified Date : 11/07/2018
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Start the Registry, and it reports it is up at first using the entry ./RegistryService status.

After a few minutes, it reports that it is stopped.

In the registry.log I see this error:

The Enterprise Dashboard Server at 'http://${installer:enterpriseDashboardHost}:1506' could not be contacted, and no current activation was found in the local activation cache for this registry.
In the file this is defined:${installer:enterpriseDashboardHost} 

The Registry is looking for an Enterprise Dashboard running on URL:


The variable ${installer:enterpriseDashboardHost} is not being recognized.

For some reason on this install on the Linux machine it is putting those values instead of

This has been reported before.
Since ${installer:enterpriseDashboardHost} and ${installer:enterpriseDashboardPort} had not been defined, the Registry will not start.

The workaround is to update the file to:

If the Registry had been running on a different machine then localhost should reflect the hostname of where the Enterprise Dashboard is running.