The end link went in the Suppressed State, the event 0x10d18 is observed for the same but Clear Event is not seen when it came out of the suppressed state

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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An end link went in the suppressed state, we see the event 0x10d18 logged for the same, but why do we not find its clear event when the end link came out of the suppressed state?

All versions of Spectrum running on supported platforms

For the link up and link down traps, there is underlying code that controls all of this.  Out-of-the-box, the event 0x10d18 asserts suppressed condition.

The ONLY event configured to clear that suppressed condition is the event 0x10d2a. Out-of-the-box, the event 0x10d2a is not a logged event.

This is the reason why we do not see the clear event for the event 0x10d18. To log the event 0x10d2a, follow the below procedure:

-> Login to your OneClick Client 

-> Click Tools > Utilities > Event Configuration 

-> Once loaded, filter on the event code 0x10d2a 

-> In the details area of this event, go to the Event Options tab.

-> Select "Store Event in Historical Database"

-> Click the Save button. Click okay to any pop ups.


Please note, the following event codes must NOT be customized, otherwise it will cause issues on Fault Isolation feature:  

1. 0x10701

2. 0x10703

3. 0x10302

4. 0x10d35

5. 0x10d36

6. 0x10d00

7. 0x10d05

8. 0x10d09

9. 0x10d0b

10. 0x10d0c

11. 0x10d10

12. 0x10d11

13. 0x10d12

14. 0x10d13

15. 0x10d14

16. 0x10d15

17. 0x10d16

18. 0x10d17

19. 0x10d18

20. 0x10d19

21. 0x10d20

22. 0x10daa

23. 0x10d66

24. 0x10d67

Additional Information:

For further information on how Fault Isolation works in Spectrum, you could refer Fault Isolation

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