The eHealth Web Interface and OneClick are running extremely slow or not logging in at all.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The eHealth Web Interface and OneClick are running extremely slow or not logging in at all.


A potential point of failure to check on if you find that you are unable to login to the eHealth Web Interface or OneClick.


eHealth and all supported operating systems

Integrated with Spectrum and EEM


If you find that you cannot log into the eHealth Web Interface or OneClick or find that if is extremely slow, the first place you should check is the Apache logs.  They are:


You may find that within the httpd-errors logfile that you see lines like below:


[Thu Sep 29 07:06:29.937589 2016] [sso:warn] [pid 12225:tid 4029041552] Error [EE_SPONSORERROR iSponsor Error] \n

[Thu Sep 29 07:06:29.937608 2016] [sso:warn] [pid 12225:tid 4029041552] Sponsor Error [ISP_ERROR_NOGATEWAY igateway not running] \n

[Thu Sep 29 07:06:29.937614 2016] [sso:warn] [pid 12225:tid 4029041552] Debug [ISP_ERROR_NOGATEWAY igateway not running] \n

[Thu Sep 29 07:06:29.937619 2016] [sso:warn] [pid 12225:tid 4029041552] Debug [Authenticate Error: Authentication Failed] \n

[Thu Sep 29 07:06:29.937623 2016] [sso:warn] [pid 12225:tid 4029041552] Debug [Identity Attempted: admin] \n


These errors indicate that eHealth can no longer reach the EEM server.  This could be because nhWebSso was set up using incorrect settings or potentially the EEM server is not running at this time.

To validate the configuration please check the below file and validate the settings contained within:


If this file shows an incorrect configuration you will need to reconfigure it.  This can be done by:

1.  Remove current SSO configuration:

a.    nhWebSso -disable

2.  Reestablish SSO configuration:

a.    nhWebSso -hostname myhostname -idleTimeout 15 -disableFallback

3.  Recycle web services:

a.    nhHttpd stop then nhHttpd start if on Linux or via the services control panel if on Windows


If the configuration is correct and you are still receiving this error message, check to see that the igateway (EEM) is running and that you can connect to it from the eHealth server.