The duration on the 'Project Cycle Time Analysis' portlet does not include the Start and Finish days

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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On the 'Project Cycle Time Analysis' portlet (ID = 'cop.projectCycleTimeAnalysis'), the duration does not include the start and finish dates.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a project template, Template1, with a Key Task of 12/1/2014-12/19/2014.   
  2. Create a new project, Project A, using that template.   
  3. Add the 'Project Cycle Time Analysis' portlet to one of the tabs on the Overview page.  
  4. On the 'Project Cycle Time Analysis' portlet, filter for Methodology = Template1.  

Expected Result:The Key Task on Project A to have a duration of 19 days.
Actual Result:
The Key Task on Project A shows a duration of 17 days.


Caused by PMO-1028


Resolved in CA PPM 14.2 PMO Accelerator Add-In

Be sure to install updates to the add-in after upgrading


A line in the 'Project Cycle Time Analysis' NSQL Query can be modified to include both the start and finish days.

This line: @select:metric:user_def:implied:@DBUSER@.CMN_DATEDIFF_FCT(@DBUSER@.cop_calc_finish_fct(taskTable.PrFinish),(@DBUSER@.COP_DATE_TRUNC_FCT(taskTable.PrStart)+1)):duration_days@

Can be changed to this:  

NOTE: If you change the definition of this PMO Accelerator NSQL Query, it is not upgrade-protected.  If you 'update' this portlet through Administration, Add-Ins, remember to make your workaround modification again until this issue is resolved.