The CSTOR fields are blank in the PRISM and PARTINFO commands.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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 SYSVIEW is unable to extract the amount of central and expanded storage available to a logical partition due to an                                                                        IBM z10 microcode problem.  IBM microcode driver 79 above bundle 32 on a z10 processor causes this information                                                                          to not be available. This results in the CSTOR and ESTOR columns being blank for the PRISM and PARTINFO command                                                            displays on z10 processors.                                                                                    



This appears to be a microcode problem on the z10 processor.

CA SYSVIEW receives this information from the DIAGNOSE 204 command.

A microcode bundle ABOVE 32 will cause the fields SM70ESF and SMF70CSF to contain blanks or zeros.

So, if you are running a z10 processor and are at driver 79 above bundle 32, you will have this problem.

If the above explanation matches your scenario then you can open a hardware record with IBM indicating that SMF70CSF is                                                           zero and that you need the corrective MCL when available. The hardware record will be the delivery vehicle for the fix.

CA understands that the corrective hardware MCL is N24404.008 in Bundle 37, but cannot confirm its availability.