The Continuous Discovery options are missing in the DSM Explorer. How to add these options back to the DSM Explorer?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The following Continuous Discovery options are missing in the DSM Explorer (under Deployment).

  • Configure Continuous Discovery Deployment Policy.
  • Continuous Discovery Policies.

Please see the below screenshot. How to add these options back to the DSM Explorer?

Figure 1


Please follow the step by step instructions below to add the Continuous Discovery options:

  • Check whether CCS is installed on the Domain Manager using the command 'univer':

    It should show the result as below (Please ignore the version in screenshot. This can be different based on the version installed)

    Figure 1

  • Check the status of the continuous discovery plugin using 'caf status cmcontdiscover'.

    It should show the result as below based on the ITCM version installed.

    [1] Continuous discovery for deployment (cmcontdiscover)
    Properties: enabled,demand,maxInstances:1,restartable
    Version :
    State : stopped
    Started : -
    Depends on: ccnfagent dmdeploy

  • If both the commands shows the result as above, check the parameter entry in comstore. Run the command 'ccnfcmda -cmd getconfigstore -fi c:\comstore.txt' to get the Comstore from the domain manager.

  • The Comstore should have the CCS paramter entry like below:
    <paramsection name="ccs"><parameter name="ads" orgname="ADS" entity="Client" value="0"><attribute name="write">agent</attribute></parameter><parameter name="eventmanagement" orgname="EventManagement" entity="Client" value="0"><attribute name="write">agent</attribute></parameter><parameter name="worldview" orgname="WorldView" entity="Client" value="0"><attribute name="write">agent</attribute></parameter><parameter name="continuousdiscovery" orgname="ContinuousDiscovery" entity="Client" value="0"><attribute name="write">agent</attribute></parameter><parameter name="calendarscheduling" orgname="CalendarScheduling" entity="Client" value="0"><attribute name="write">agent</attribute></parameter></paramsection>

  • If the CCS parameter is not found in the Comstore, close the DSM Explorer and run the following command:

    ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps /itrm/common/ccs -pn continuousdiscovery -v 1

  • The Continous Discovery options should now be available in the DSM Explorer as shown in the screenshot below:

    Figure 1