The Common Services for z/OS r14.1 CA Variable Services task (CAVARSRV) may abend with a U1813 at shutdown

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Last Modified Date : 22/01/2019
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Hello, During a system shutdown, task CAVARSRV abended and took a dump as follows:
Noticed the following messages in SYSLOG:
CASV0400I Symptom dump output for task CASRVML0 258 CASV0401I User Completion code=U1813, Reason code=00000002
CASV0402I Seq=37637, CPU=0000, ASID=001F
CASV0403I PSW at time of error=074C1000 ACF33C54, ILC=02, INTC=0D
CASV0404I PSW module name=CASRVML0, addr=2CF33000, off=00000C54
CASV0406I PSW section name=CASRVML0, addr=2CF33000, off=00000C54
CASV0407I Data at PSW 2CF33C4E - 00181610 0A0D50E0 D00C9200
CASV0409I BEA at time of error=00000000_00000000
CASV0416I End of symptom dump for task CASRVML0
CASV0104I 00.34.28 ATTACH 299
CASV0261I ATTACH command acknowledged
CASV0260I CASRVHTM Hosted-task VAR CAVDMAIN started
CAVD0124I Attempting variable synchronization with member Z101CAVARSRV
CAVD0126I Variable synchronization completed normally, there were no variables to synchronize
CAVD0145I Member Z102CAVARSRV no longer defined 
The Common Services r14.1 Variable Service component executing in z/OS 
During shutdown, CAVARSRV may be issuing a WTO at the same time  the JES jobid is being returned.
Apply SO00267 and any needed prerequisites.
The prerequisites include 4 beta fixes which are prerequisites to the GA fixes:
  • RO62656 - Beta
  • RO62964 - Beta RO62656 is a prerequisite
  • RO63330 - Beta RO62656 and RO62964 are prerequisites
  • RO64157 - Beta  RO62656, RO62964 and RO63330 are prerequisites
  • RO64509 - RO62656 and RO63330 are prerequisites
  • RO64603 - RO62656, RO62964 and RO64157 are prerequisites
  • SO00267 - all fixes listed above are prerequisites