The color of the Graph for "PASS" is red at the "Suite Execution Detail" Report from DevTest Portal which is installed Windows OS with Japanese language setting.

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Last Modified Date : 13/03/2018
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In the DevTest environment, there were test case and suite results in the database after running the several test cases and suites.
And when checking one suite result which was finished successfully from the report named "Suite Execution Detail" Report in DevTest Portal which ias installed Windows OS with Japanese language setting, the statuses for the test cases inside the suite are "PASS" statuses(in detail, the status was Japanese characters which mean "PASS"). However, the color of the "PASS" for the graph in the report becomes red.
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And, after changing the language setting for Windows to English and restarting DevTest Portal, then the color of the "PASS" for the Graph in the same report becomes green.
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Windows OS with Japanese language setting
This is a display problem in DevTest Portal.
The fix of this problem will be included after 10.3 versions of DevTest.