The CA Software Asset Manager Admin -> Monitoring ->Error log displays the following error message: The transaction log for database 'sam' is full.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In CA Software Asset Manager, the Admin -> Monitoring -> Error Log may show a transaction log error from SQL Server: 

asp_db_mssql_sqlsrv->execute_prepared(): failed. error: sqlsrv_execute() failed: #1: SQLSTATE: 42000; code: 9002; 
message: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server][SQL Server]The transaction log for database 'casam' is full.



CA Software Asset Manager, any release level



The sql server transaction log is attempting to grow beyond its' fixed size.  The transaction log may grow during an upgrade or during a very large import. 



The recommendation is to set the transaction log to auto grow so it can expand to the size it needs. On average, the transaction log needs 3 times the size of the import or 3 times the size of the database for an upgrade, if you need to specify a maximum restricted size.  Every environment may vary, so readjustment of the size may be necessary. 

For very large imports or systems with a large number of transaction, it is best to use auto growth rather than a fixed transaction log. First shrink the transaction log, then change it to 'auto grow' and make sure there is enough disk drive space to handle the growth. 


Additional Information: 

The SQL Server database recovery model effects the transaction log file size. 
The benefit of using the 'FULL' recovery model is to restore data easily and risk losing very little data; however, this does require more disk space to manage.
If you have the disk drive space, and do not want to risk losing much data, then it is best to let the transaction log 'auto grow' and use an unrestricted growth size with the Full recovery model. 

See the following web site for more information on transaction log file growth and SQL Server recovery models: