The CA Clarity Mobile Time Manager Smartphone App

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The CA Clarity Mobile Time Manager is a smartphone application that provides basic functionalities for Clarity Timesheet users. Not all Timesheet features are available on the mobile application, as it is designed to provide quick access to perform a subset of the basic tasks on timesheets.

General Information about Version 1.0

  • Does not require additional server software
  • Is supported only on ISO 6.x or higher; and Android 4.x or higher patch levels
  • Only works with Clarity 13.2+ versions
  • Currently only available in English language

How to get started

  1. In Clarity assign the 'Mobile - Access' global right to the users who will be using the App
  2. Grant other access rights that are appropriate for what the users are expected to do with timesheet.

    For example, grant 'Resource - Approve Time' right if a user intends to use the app to approve timesheets for others
  3. Turn on the 'Open for Time Entry" flag on the resource properties for the mobile app users.

    If this is not set, user can still access the App but will not see timesheets, for example, the Today Tile will show 0 hour even if the timesheet has hours in Clarity
  4. Users download and install the App from App Store or Android Market
  5. Users bring up the App and get prompted to enter:

    • URL to the Clarity instance

      Important: use https if your Clarity URL contains https
    • Clarity user ID
    • Clarity password

Navigation Panel

Figure 1

Tap on the Figure 2 icon to access the navigation panel. Badge color and number counts shown for each view correspond to the color and counts on the actual tile

Tiles Available for Timesheet Submitter

Users with timesheet edit rights but without timesheet approval right are considered Timesheet Submitters

The Today Tile shows the number of hours entered for TODAY:

Figure 3

The Current Timesheet Tile shows the current total number of hours entered for the current timesheet.

The color of the tile indicates the status of the timesheet: Blue - no entry has been created on the current timesheet, or entries have been made on the timesheet but the timesheet has not been submitted; Green - timesheet has been submitted for approval:

Figure 4

The My Timesheets Tile provides a glance into the status of all open timesheets from your current and past time periods.

The color of the tile indicates the overdue status of timesheets: Green - All timesheets from prior time periods have been submitted for approval; Red - You have open timesheet(s) that have not been submitted from a previous time period

Note: Overdue is defined as 4 or more days past the prior time reporting period, this definition cannot be modified.

Figure 5

Editing Timesheet:

A Timesheet Submitter can only edit hours on a timesheet, other fields that can be edited in Clarity are not currently open for modification on the app. Similarly configuration of the timesheet fields such as decimal place cannot be modified on the app. The default Display Unit is Hours, and Decimal Places is 2 on the App

Figure 6

  • Tap on the Figure 7 icon to add new time entry
  • Total Hours is updated as you enter in hours and does not require saving the entries
  • Save button turns green once any change has been made to the timesheet entry or hours

Populating Timesheet:

Populate from a previous timesheet happens automatically when you open the timesheet for a new period for the first time. The populate copies the timesheet entries without the hours.

Returning Timesheet:

A timesheet can only be returned if it is in Submitted status, and only from the current time period.

Tiles Available for Timesheet Approver

Users with timesheet edit and approval rights are considered Timesheet Approvers.

The Needs Approval Tile shows the count of timesheets that are waiting for approval.

The color of the tile indicates the available actions towards the timesheets: Green - there is no timesheets currently waiting for your approval; Orange - you have timesheets to approve

Figure 8

The Unsubmitted Tile shows the number of open timesheets from the resources you are a Resource Manager of

Figure 9

Both the Need Approval and Unsubmitted tiles can be hidden by toggling Settings > Add/Remove Capabilities > Review Timesheets

Reviewing and Selecting Timesheet:

  • Tap on the Figure 10 icon to select and deselect all rows
  • Swipe the tabs from left to right to select and deselect a single row
  • Tap on the Figure 11 icon to drill down for more information on a row

    Figure 12