The Agile Central Timesheet Integration displays the message "This content cannot be displayed in a frame"

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Last Modified Date : 17/05/2018
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We are configuring the PPM Timesheets Integration for CA Agile Central for the first time. Both our PPM and Agile Central environments are SSO enabled.

After having gone through the documentation for setting up the PPM Timesheets Integration with CA Agile Central, we have the integration configured, but it isn't working properly. In the frame for the integration on Agile Central, we see the message "This content cannot be displayed in a frame", along with another message and a link indicating "What you can try: Open this content in a new window".

The frame once the PPM Timesheet Integration for Agile Central has been configured, displaying the message "This content cannot be displayed in a frame".

Clicking on that link opens up the timesheets of the New UX in PPM, but we should be seeing those timesheets in the frame itself -- not a link to them. Additionally, we only see the above when accessing the integration from Internet Explorer. When we open the integration in Google Chrome, we see no content in the frame.   
CA PPM SaaS and CA Agile Central SaaS with SSO enabled on both.
This behavior can be caused by the Timesheet Integration being configured incorrectly for SSO-enabled environments during the step of entering the PPM Hostname and other related settings. It can also be caused by not having the 'Referrer URL' value set on PPM for the integrations with Agile Central.
When finishing the setup for the PPM Timesheet Integration for Agile Central, you're asked to enter the following in the 'Settings' for the integration. Ensure you follow these guidelines for a proper configuration

The required settings configuration for the CA PPM Timesheets Integration in Agile Central
  • CA PPM Host Name (For SSO, this will be the IDP URL)
If you're using SSO, then this will be the full Identity Provider URL from your SSO implementation that redirects to the desired PPM environment. This URL should take into account whichever parameters your IDP server expects in order to redirect the request to the service provider. For example, the IDP URL may use the RelayState/Target parameters to redirect to the On-Demand SSO route, and a TargetUrl parameter to direct the request to the correct environment.

If you're not using SSO, then this will be the host name or URL for the desired environment. For example, in SaaS environments this would be your environment URL.
  • CA PPM Port (HTTPS)
The HTTPS port number of the CA PPM host in a non-SSO environment. If you're using SSO, then the value entered should be the port number of the identity provider.
  • CA PPM Timesheet Path (For SSO only)
This field only needs to be completed if SSO is being used. It is typically '/pm/integration.html' and this is appended to the end of the above URL to construct the identity provider SSO link for directing to PPM.

Lastly, ensure that the Referrer URL value is set in the Agile Central integration from PPM.
  1. Navigate to your PPM environment
  2. Go to Administration > Integrations > Open one of the integrations for Agile Central defined there
  3. Populate the Referrer URL field with the appropriate value
For an SSO environment, this defines the identity provider (IDP) URL for CA PPM in an SSO environment. You can obtain this from your network administrator, and this should be the base domain of the IDP URL.
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