Terminating a CA Batch Processor ID that is flagged Incomplete due to message BPA0022E.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to terminate a CA Batch Processor ID that is flagged incomplete as a result
of an abend in a batch job when the following message is received:




The Execution Display Facility within CA RC/Migrator is an online execution display of analysis and
CA Batch Processor jobs. It shows the progress of the job as it executes. When a job abends and
is placed in "NI" status (Error during execution, job terminated) the following steps can be
performed to terminate the BPID:

  1. Select RC/Migrator from the products main menu
  2. Select 3 - Execution Display (results in the following display)
PTEDL1        ------------ Execution Display Panel -----------
COMMAND ===>                                                 
BPID      ==> *                                               
DB2 SSID  ==> D81B             Strat Creator ==> *        Timestamp ==> * 
Status    ==> *                Strat Name    ==> *        Type      ==> *
At this point, any of the selection criteria can be entered to limit the rows retrieved:
BPID:           Specify the Batch Processor ID which appears in the JCL.
Strat Creator:  Specify the creator of the strategy.
Timestamp:      Specify a timestamp to limit the rows retrieved generated
                during a particular time.
Status:         Specify "NI".
Strat Name:     Specify the name of the strategy.
Type:           Specify, S, (Sync point)
                        A, (Analysis)
                        M, (Message record)
                        L, (Load record)

The selection criteria specified will then display the records that meet the selection parameters.
Place a "D" (delete) next to the record to delete this entry from the log table.
Proceed to restart the job with the appropriate restart parameter.