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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When to use @team and when to use @everyone? What is the difference between these two tags


In Flowdock you can get your teammate's attention by @mentioning their name in your messages. This will highlight?the message for the user and also trigger additional desktop or mobile app notification as well as an email.? You can also notify everyone in a flow with the following special tags:
  • @everyone
  • @everybody
  • @all
  • @anyone
  • @anybody
  • ?@team (new in 2015)
Note:?these will not trigger email or mobile notifications.?

So, what is the difference between those tags?


The important difference between @everyone?and @team is that @team is an opt-out tag. Users can select to mute @team notifications on a per-flow basis from the sidebar flow dropdown (the gear icon next to the flow name) or from the tooltip that opens when clicking any @team tag in the flow's messages.
mute @team
People who have muted the @team tag will not receive any notifications from @team mentions in that flow. This way, people who actually belong to the "core team" in a flow still get the important notifications, but people who have opted-out and are simply observing the flow won't be disturbed unnecessarily when sending @team notifications.

@everyone (and its synonyms @all, @everybody, @anyone and @anybody) will continue to work as before, highlighting your message for all members of a flow. Since it?s nearly always better to use @team rather than @everyone, Rally recommends using @team.
@everyone notification
More details can be found in the following blog post: @team is the new @everyone