Tasks in the "Wait" status are unexpectedly editable

Document ID : KB000097654
Last Modified Date : 23/05/2018
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Classic Workflows in Service Desk Manager allow tasks to be worked in order, with future tasks set to the Wait status. Under normal circumstances, tasks in the Wait status cannot be edited or set to a new status, which encourages tasks to be completed in order. However, in certain cases, Wait-status tasks may be editable. This document covers a few scenarios under which this can occur, and explains how to resolve this behavior.
A workflow task in the Wait status can be edited. Why is this happening, and how can it be fixed?
There are several possible causes for this behavior:
  • The Wait task status entry has been modified, and its' "Allow Task Update" property is set to "Yes". With this property enabled, the task can be edited while in the Wait status.
    • You can confirm this by opening the Administration tab, then navigating to Service Desk > Requests/Incidents/Problems > Workflow Task Status Codes > Wait, and reviewing the setting of the "Allow Task Update" property. By default, this is set to "No". If you wish to change this, click the Edit button, uncheck the checkbox below "Allow Task Update", and Save your changes.
  • You are using an outdated version of Service Desk Manager. Service Desk Manager versions earlier than 12.5┬áhad a known issue where workflow tasks in the Wait status would erroneously have a functional Edit button, even when they should not.
    • To resolve this behavior, upgrade to a newer version of Service Desk Manager.
  • A modification to the page, piece of custom code, or mod file is affecting the functionality of the workflow. Custom code is typically found in the site\mods directory and its' subfolders.
    • If you suspect that one of your customizations or modified forms is causing this behavior, you can temporarily disable a mod by removing it from the site\mods directory and clearing the webcache. If you're not sure which customization could be causing the issue, you can rename the entire site\mods directory before clearing the webcache.
    • Please be aware that assistance with custom code is outside the scope of CA Support.