Task status not updated if php client loses connection with DB

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Affects Release version(s): 5

Error Message :
In the sldphpcli.log file :
sldf_batch.php [22] Exception: oci8 error: [12571: ORA-12571: TNS : échec à l'écriture du paquet] in EXECUTE("SELECT sld_task_id,< sld_task_type, < sld_scheduling, < sld_scheduling_day, < sld_scheduling_hour,< sld_scheduling_minute,< sld_lastcompleted,< sld_status,< sld_task_name,< sld_start_time,< sld_task_disabled< FROM sld_admin_tasks WHERE sld_task_id=xxx")

Patch level detected:Sysload Portal 5.70
Product Version: Sysload 5.7.0

Description :In some cases of lengthy collection tasks, the php client loses connection with Sysload Portal DB and is then unable to update the collection status.
Collection task appears running although it is actually completed.
OS: Windows
Cause type:
Root Cause: N/A
Update to the fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component: Portal
Version: Sysload 5.7.0
5.70a (build 153)
Additional Information:
Workaround :