TapeMap feature in CA 1

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Does CA-1 have a TAPEMAP feature?



CA-1 Release 11.5-14.0



Beginning with CA-1 Release 11.5 and PTF RO09194, CA-1 provides a Tape Map facility. The subtask TMAP will run under the CTS task. The Tape Map (TMAP) task provides a convenient way to list the contents of an ANSI Label (AL) or Standard Label (SL) tape. It dynamically allocates one or more tape drives, and mounts the requested volumes to produce a report of the files on each AL or SL tape. The tape drive is released after the requested tapes are processed. TMAP remains active and available for more tape map requests until it is terminated by the STOP command.

The TMAP subtask may be started manually or automatically when CTS is started. It is recommended that the TMAP subtask be manually started.

The JCL for the CTS started task for 11.5 is found in the CAI. SAMPJCL member $F12L0. In 12.0 and up the JCL for the CTS started task is found in the CAI.CTAPPROC member CTS.

Also the tape map feature can run as a batch job. For 11.5 the JCL is found in the CAI.CAISRC member $F12TM. For 12.0 and up it is found in the CAI.CTAPJCL member CTSJTMAP.

To automatically start the TMAP subtask each time CTS is started, add the following commands to the CTSSTART member in CAI.PPOPTION for 11.5 or the CTSSTART member in CAI.CTAPOPTN for 12.0 and up.


After the CTS task has been started you can manually start the TMAP subtask using MODIFY commands or by WTOR. The following is an example of how to manually start the TMAP subtask under CTS by using the MODIFY command:


Commands are sent to TMAP using the CTS Message command (MSG). The following is a list of commands and their formats:

  • The STOP command requests TMAP to close all files and terminate normally.

    Format: STOP TMAP

  • The CANCEL command requests TMAP to cancel itself with a User 111 abend.

    Format: CANCEL TMAP

  • The MAP command requests to map the tape(s) and report on the files it contains.

    Format: MSG TMAP,'MAP volser1,...,volsern,UNIT=uuuu'

    volser is the volume serial number of a tape to be mapped. You can specify 1 to 8 volsers.
    uuuu is the generic unit or unit address for the tape drive required. The default is 'TAPE'.

An example of a TMAP command is as follows:

F CTS,MSG TMAP,'MAP 101001,102033,534006,UNIT=3590'

When the above command is entered, the TMAP subtask of the CTS address space will allocate a 3590 tape unit and mount the 3 volumes requested. After producing a tape map for each volume, the tape unit will be de-allocated. This example assumes that the TMAP subtask has already been started, either automatically or manually.

Documentation on the task CTS and any of its subtasks is documented in the Administrator and Operators Guide Chapter 10.