Table INV_FLAT_HIERARCHIES not shows all Investments

Document ID : KB000013165
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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INV_FLAT_HIERARCHIES is no showing the projects who has no parent nor children.

Maybe is expected all the projects to has a record in that table, but it seems that is a prerequisite to add a parent or a subproject. 


INV_FLAT_HIERARCHIES add Projects/Investment when they don't have parent or child Projects/Investment

All CA PPM Versions.

When creating a project and the "Self" leaf is created automatically, then there is a row added in the inv_hierarchies table. 

Only when you add another project as a child, this is reflected in the inv_flat_hierarchies table. 

This is working by design. 

I's necessary to use both table in order to get all projects in a portlet, with that you will get all info tat you need.

Additional Information:

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