Table export from R11.3.5 and import to R11.3.6SP4

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are trying to export data from 11.3.5 ujo_cred table to 11.3.6 SP4.

But we notice there are new columns added in the new release.
Is there a way to convert data to the new release ?



WAAE 11.3.5 data migration to 11.3.6 SP4

There are several possible solution according to how you want to migrate the data to the new release.


In case you upgrade an instance from R11.3.5 to R11.3.6 SP4, the upgrade procedure will handle the data transfer automatically.


Otherwise, if you want to transfer only the data from UJO_CRED table, you can proceed by the following steps :


1. In your r11.3.5 instance create a temporary table for transferring the data :

create table temp_table as (select * from aedbadmin.ujo_cred) ;


2. Then transfer the temporary table to your 11.3.6 SP4 instance and run :


insert into aedbadmin.ujo_cred (CRED_DOMAIN, CRED_VALUE, DOMAIN_NAME, OWNER, PRINCIPAL)



3. There are 3 new columns added to UJO_CRED table in 11.3.6 SP4 :


a. The “KEYFILE” column is “nullable” and there is “no value” required and it can remain empty.


b. The “PASSPHRASE” column is also “nullable” and there is “no value” required for it.


c. The “CRED_TYPE” column has the following possible values : 1, 2, 4. The default value is 4


4. So the next step will be to run the following on all the rows imported from 11.3.5 release :

update aedbadmin.ujo_cred set CRED_TYPE = 4 ;