Table column name 'INDEX' causing Datamaker publish to fail on insert

Document ID : KB000102702
Last Modified Date : 19/06/2018
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When attempting to publish with Datamaker, it fails with the following error:

Error 1018 for Row #1 in table EventDetail. SQLSTATE = 37000
[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near 'Index'. If this is intended as a part of a table hint, A WITH keyword and parenthesis are now required. See SQL Server Books Online for proper syntax.

The failing query:
INSERT INTO dbo.TestTable1 ( Id, Type, DateStamp, Transaction, EffectiveDate, Charge, Group, AccountID, Index) VALUES ( 5, 'onset', '2017-08-15 17:41:11.000', 'IssueAcct', '2017-08-16', '0', 'taDA2BB8ABC36C495A113350ATF42', '5168675309', 1)

Placing "Index" in brackets "[Index]" and testing that query manually works.

Using Portal and or Enterprise Publish from within Datamaker is successful. The problem is only present when publishing directly from Datamaker.
This issue is resolved in TDM 4.5. If running a version prior to 4.5, upgrade to 4.5 or later.

After upgrading the "reserved name" that is causing the problem - in this case "index" must be added to the list in the repo. This can be done with the following query:
INSERT INTO gtrep_reserved_names (rn_word, date_created, who_created) VALUES ('RESERVED WORD', getdate(), 'USER NAME');

For example:
INSERT INTO gtrep_reserved_names (rn_word, date_created, who_created) VALUES ('index', getdate(), 'jsmith01');

For now the workaround is to publish via Portal as discussed.