Sysview not sending data to MOI server

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Last Modified Date : 02/08/2018
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Sysview not sending data to MOI server
We have QA lpar, which gets very few resources during the evening. When this happens the ZFS can fill up or appears to get 'stuck'. Some of the messages I see when this occurs follows. Stopping and starting the ZMSSTART and ZDMVPROC tasks will not get data flowing again.  Also, our Performance group will not increase the performance for a started task that is part of a POC, and the ZFS has no more room on the volume to expand. If the process is stuck, please provide the commands to get data flowing again.1) Not enough resources to send message 2) Shutting down Data Source 3) Failed to construct a producer to send the response
The zFS on which /apps/ccs/ccsuss/cfgb/instance/messageService/ resides is too small.  
We recommend 20GB for the zFS but due to size constraints, some shops have test environments running with less. However, the Message Service runs into many stability and data flow issues if the size of the zFS is below about 400MB. 

If your zFS is below 400MB then the data flow problems will eventually come back, even if you wipe out the internal databases
Additional Information:
Quickest solution to your insufficient Message Service space issue: 
1) Stop your Message Service started task in SYSVIEW on the LPAR experiencing the issue.. 
2) Get into OMVS: 
3) The file path below to cd to is based on your install path for the /cfqb/instance/messaageService directory which was established when your Message Service software was installed.. We have included one of our paths for a model. Once you are at this directory, perform the rm commands below in order to clear out old data and logs: 

cd /u/users/userid/mtcoiqn/deploy/cfgb/instance/messageService 

rm -rf logs/* 
rm -rf brokerData/* 
rm -rf pipe/* 
rm -rf dataObjects.pipe 

4) Once the rm commands are successful, leave OMVS and then go into SYSVIEW and start your Message Server started task.again 
5) After 10 minutes or less, you should be able to look at the output of the ZDMVPROC started task and see your started task start displaying messages similar to the one below showing that metrics are being added. 

ZDMV2027I Consumer data selection criteria added 
Jobname: ZMSQB5 
Job ID: STC17999 
Path Name: zdmRegisterPath 
Select Name: ZDMSEL00000180 
Owner: IBM 
Product: ZOS 
Component: SMF 
Release: 02.03.00 
Instance: ZDMVPROC 
Category: SMF0074.001 

6) In another 5 to 10 minutes, you should be able to see your metrics on your MOI UI.