SystemEDGE will not Start and Uninstall/reinstall fails.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  • SystemEDGE will not start or stop
  • Uninstalls, reinstalls, or upgrades may fail
  • SystemEDGE may take a high amount of CPU and have the following log message repeating:
    {index}{date} {time} [W]-{thread}- AWM_SocketSelect           : No socket to select on.



SystemEDGE running on supported Windows versions.



Some of the symptoms listed above are most likely if dependent service “CA Message Queuing” (AKA CAM) is not running or has problems starting.



The 2 most common Reasons CAM will fail to start:

1) If the Microsoft Visual C Redistributable Library Mscvr71.dll has been removed from the system.
This can occur for any number of reasons including (but not limited to) 3rd party product uninstallation removing this file or even human intervention (deletion of this file).

The default location of this file is c:\Windows\SysWOW64 (for 64 Bit OS) or C:\Windows\System32 (for 32 Bit OS). This can easily be corrected by copying this file back over from another system.

An easy way to validate this is the cause is to run either "cam start" or "camstat" from a command prompt. This would generate a pop-up error noting that the msvcr71.dll is mission.


2) The default ports required by CAM are in use by another process. CAM required 4104/UDP and 4105/TCP by default.. If CAM cannot bind at least to 4105 it will typically fail to start properly


Additional Information:

If CAM is or has been presenting issues, CAM does not need to be installed in all cases. If CAM was installed SystemEDGE will still have some reliance on it. CAM is used as the back-end transport mechanism for Virtual Assurance IM and Server Automation. If you are not using these managers, and are using Spectrum to poll and/or configure the SystemEDGE agent, manual configuration via the, or some other method, you do not need CAM.  In the case that you do not need CAM and are not using ServerAuto/VirtualAssurance, you can install with CASE_LEGACY_MODE parameter as in your sysedge users guide pdf. This will prevent the installation of CAM as part of the SystemEDGE installation. If CAM is not installed then SystemEDGE will not have any reliance on this service.

The the uninstallation of SystemEDGE and/or CAM has been attempted and cannot be successfully reinstalled, cleanup of the system will likely be required. Manual removed and/or cleanup is not recommended. It is suggested that a CA Support issue be opened to further assist with cleanup and reinstallation if the software.