SystemEDGE on Linux Fails During Agent Registration/Discovery

Document ID : KB000005930
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After installing SystemEDGE and attempting to discover it within VAIM the agent may crash in some scenarios as part of the registration process. The $CASYSEDGE/config/port1691/ file will be incomplete and will be missing the UUID line. The modified time of the file will roughly match the time of the first occurrence of the agent crashing.


Example of a "bad" file:



Example of a "good" file:



SystemEDGE on supported Linux platforms. However, the problem is more likely to occur on newer versions of Linux such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

SystemEDGE uses data from the output of the /sbin/ifconfig command in order to facilitate the generation of the UUID contained within the On some modern and/or lean/lite versions of Linux /sbin/ifconfig is not installed by default. SysEDGE is then unable to generate a UUID successfully and may crash.


Ensure that the /sbin/ifconfig command is available on the system in question. For Red Hat Enterprise Linux, this command is included with the "net-tools" package. This can generally be installed with the command:

yum install net-tools

Once the ifconfig binary is available, on the problem systems:

  1. /opt/CA/SystemEDGE/bin/sysedgectl stop
  2. rm /opt/CA/SystemEDGE/data/port1691/
  3. /opt/CA/SystemEDGE/bin/sysedgectl start
  4. Rediscover in VAIM (Right click -> Policy -> SystemEDGE -> Discover agent)


If you encounter this problem on other non-Red Hat distributions of Linux, check with the OS vendor to ensure that you install the correct package.