SystemEDGE MIB-Extensions

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What is a Mib Extension?


A Mib-Extension is considered programmability. Meaning Sysedge is providing a method for monitoring a NON built in metric or value.


Mib-extensions can be used with sysedge to store and monitor ANY value you can get from the system that you want to monitor AND is not available In Systemedge monitoring by default.


The Extension Group of the Systems Management MIB is located at OID


You can specify variables as read-only or read-write. An extension variable can be any valid base SNMP type, including the following:


? Integer, Counter, Gauge, Octetstring, TimeTicks, ObjectId, IpAddress


* * Note do not Use an invalid type of mib value for storage. Meaning do not specify Interger and expect to store text data.


Output from extension scripts is only parsed up through the first newline character.




Sample entry


extension 1 OctetString ReadOnly


extension 31 OctetString ReadOnly "%WINDIR%\system32\ping.exe"


The extension Script can contain any valid echo. But you want to keep it simple and echo only what will be returned and stored in the systemEdge Mib.


You can also monitor your extension value for a critical problem with a monitor oid.


monitor oid extensionGroup.1.0 17 0x0 60 absolute >= 4 'monitoring script output' ' ' '<objClass>' '<objInst>' '<objAttr>' major 


monitor oid extensionGroup.31.0 31 0x0 60 absolute >= 4 'monitoring script output' ' ' '<objClass>' '<objInst>' '<objAttr>' major 


A mibextension is defined as programmability and is covered by Chapter 15 of the SystemEDGE users guide.