'SysNameCIM not known' message in Sysedge log

Document ID : KB000031300
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If you see this message in the SysEdge log it means the SystemEDGE agent is running in managed mode and not yet registered with a manager for policy based configuration.

SysEdge is an agent which can be be managed by four different CA Managers: Spectrum, eHealth, Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure and Server Automation. 

Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Managers (VAIM) is the most common one used for SystemEDGE agent policy configuration, Spectrum and eHealth can only configure the agent by snmp in legacy mode.

If you are NOT managing SysEdge with VAIM or Server Automation then you will see this message in the logs when the agent is installed in managed mode.

If you are not using the agent in managed mode to do policy configuration from Vaim we advise you to reconfigure the agent to legacy (Unmanaged mode).

To do this go to the sysedge.cf file in the SystemEDGE, install directory \config ( not the one in the portXXXX directory ).  

Edit the file and comment out the line 

  manager_name *

at the end of the file.

Restart the agent, this should stop the agent from logging this message in the log.

Even if you are managing SysEdge with VAIM but the agent doesn't register successfully then this message can be  be seen in the sysedge.log.

If the agent is not successfully registered,  there is no  .sysedge.id in the SysEdge portXXX folder. 

This also means that policy configuration from the VAIM or Server Automation manager does not work as the policy manager was unable to communicate with the agent correctly by cam.

The most common error for this to happen in a managed environment is a DNS name resolution problem or a port problem with cam. Verify if the agent and manager can communicate by FQDN name.