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Last Modified Date : 14/08/2018
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The RPI (Relative Performance Index) is the ability to compare CPU consumption between different systems (AIX, Windows ...)
What are RPI (Relative Performance Index)?
Sysload Agent
  • The traditional unit for looking at processor information is percentage
  • Percentage information is acceptable when comparing values sharing the same base:
• %CPU of processes on the same machine
• %CPU of servers with the same processor characteristics
  • It becomes impossible to correlate information when comparing percentage values from different bases:
• %CPU of a dual core server vs. %CPU of server with 8 cores
  • The Relative Performance Index (RPI) is a unit used by Sysload to enable comparison of:
• Processor capacity
• Server processor usage
• Processor usage by workloads running on servers with different processor capacities
Additional Information:
You can set the automatic RPI dectection in the Collector configuration file.
[METAMETRICS_RULES] Automatic_RPI_Detection
#Format               : Boolean
#Optional/Mandatory   : Optional
#Set by default to "1" by the program
#Console labels (EN)   : Section "Performance Index""Automatic RPI"
You can manually set the parameter:
[METAMETRICS_RULES] PerformanceIndex
#Format               : Integer on 10 digits
#Optional/Mandatory   : Optional
#Set by default to "1000" by the program
#Console labels (EN)   : Section "Performance Index" "Performance Index"
For more detail please refer the documentation.