Sysload Agents: How to configure Cyclic Log

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Last Modified Date : 05/07/2018
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How to configure Cyclic Log in the Sysload Agents Collector ?
The Sysload Agent Settings are defined in the collector file configuration:
  • Agent for Windows: "<sysload>\sldrmd\sldrmd.ini"
  • Agent for UNIX : "<sysload>/coll/conf/sldrmd-init"
  • Agent for Hyper-V: "<sysload>\sldhyperv\sldhyperv.ini"
  • Agent for PowerVM: “<sysload>/sldpwrvm/sldpwrvm.ini”
  • Agent for VIOS: "/usr/local/sysload/sldvios/sldvios.ini"
  • Agent for vSphere (VMware Host Agent Collector): “C:\Program Files\Sysload\sldvmhost\host_pool\g"x"\w"x"\_sldvmhost_worker.ini”
  • Agent for vSphere(VMware Cluster Agent Collector) “C:\Program Files\Sysload\sldvmcluster\sldvmcluster.ini”
  • Agent for NetApp: "C:\Program Files\Sysload\sldnetapp\sldnetapp.ini"
  • Agent for SQL Server: “C:\Program Files\sysload\sldsqlsrv\sldsqlsrv.ini”
To prevent the size of the Syaload Agent logs from becoming too large you can set a Cyclic Purge as follows.
  1. Edit the "Collector" configuration file
  2. Set the parameter "EnableCyclicLog" to "1"  the section
  3. Adjust the log size with "CyclicLogMaxFileSizeKb" parameter.
  4. Save your changes
  5. Restart the Collector
Additional Information:

[LogParam] EnableCyclicLog
#Default is cyclic log not activated
#Format               : Boolean
#Optional/Mandatory   : Optional
#Console labels (EN)  : Section [Log File Parameters]"Cyclic log file activated"

[LogParam] CyclicLogMaxFileSizeKb
#Size (in KB) of the program log file when the log file is set to be circular.
Default value is 1024 KB
#Format               : Integer on 10 digits
#Optional/Mandatory   : Optional
#Console labels (EN)  : Section [Log File Parameters] "File max size(Kb)"=

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