Sysfilter on Table Resources

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Last Modified Date : 07/11/2018
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We have a table resource where we use sysfilters to filter out data. We use structured filters 'like'/'like_uc'/'like_lc' for an autocomplete in our application where we compare the searched text with the column.

This filter does not work for some below combinations for example:
1. ea
2. aa
3. ap

If we search with only 'a' then we get records string with 'aa' also with 'aaa' but when searching directly 'aa', we get blank results.
Sysfilters are case sensitive. For example, if you want to filter on the word 'Aardvark', you would have to specify 'Aa'. Specifying 'aa' will not bring back this result. 'like_uc' and 'like_lc' are not valid parameters. To cover case sensitivity, you will need to use the like_or parameter in your sysfilter:

EXAMPLE: .../Zoo?sysfilter=like_or(animal:'%Aa%',animal: '%aa%')
Additional Information:
For more information about sysfilters, see Structured Filters.