SysEDGE suddenly stopped working on multiple servers

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Last Modified Date : 06/06/2018
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  • SysEDGE on multiple servers stopped working suddenly, and are not responding to SNMP requests.
  • Restarting SystemEDGE the agent hangs and is not initializing properly. 
  • RedHat 6
  • RedHat 7
  • SystemEDGE agents run independently.
  • If multiple SystemEDGE agents are impacted simultaneously the problem is cause by an environmental issue.
  • After restarting the SystemEDGE agent the last entry in the sysedge.log is:
add_monitor_entry(): Self monitor index 1000005 configured with variable OID which is not yet available.
  • OID 
diskStatsUtilization -> diskStatsEntry.4 ( 
Type: INTEGER Access: read-only 
The utilization rate (percentage utilization) for this disk over the last measurement period. This could also be expressed as (disk busy time / elapsed time) * 100. 
  • Disabling SystemEDGE Disk Based polling within the file allows SystemEDGE to fully initialize:
  • Running df -h command also hangs.
  • A non responsive File System\Disk Array Issue is causing SytemEDGE to become unresponsive.
  • SystemEDGE is a single threaded application and something like a hung\stale NFS mount can cause a "blocking call".
Additional Information:
How to verify SysEDGE is working correctly